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As New Atheism conferences go . . . !

The New Atheists’ global convention was in full swing. Attended by the best and brightest of them, it was a celebration of "reason" and "science", they said.

One of the keynote speakers was noted astrophysicist Lawrence Krass, author of A Universe From Nothing, out of Nowhere.

Dr Krass explained how the atoms making up all matter contained wondrous things like electrons, neutrons, protons, muons, gluons, leptons and other amazing things—were all assembled in a specific and extremely precisely balanced way. And that these atoms had quickly assembled themselves in an existing quantum vacuum, that made itelf. He told us that the "visible" universe was mostly composed of "invisible" things: invisible dark matter and invisible dark energy. Held together by equally invisible cosmic strings. And this too had happened all by itself. He disclosed that the cosmological constants were likewise astoundingly fine-tuned, and had simply tuned themselves. Had it been any other way there would be no universe or life. This had happened all by itself, he said—the atoms and universe came from nothing out of nowhere.

Our universe was running down and dying, Dr Krass told us. Continually losing order, information and usable energy. Heading towards a final state of ultimate disorder and heat death. At the same time, this "increasing disorder" was evolving "increasing order", he said. He mentioned that the dying universe was unable to sustain itself. Yet it had somehow made and assembled itself, while it was running down and dying. And this too had happened all by itself.

Another keynote speaker was foremost atheistic humanist and biologist Richard Dawk, author of The Dog Delusion, and Evolution: The Greatest Performance on Earth.

Dr Dawk said that “Evolution has been observed. It’s just that it hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.” He reminded delegates of what Dr Alex Ritch of the Oz Museum of Unnatural History had said: “Evolution is a fact, until proved wrong.” Dr Dawk then disclosed that every form of life contained the amazing DNA double helix, with its amazing genetic code of breathtaking complexity. And that all this had been assembled by undirected events, all by itself. Undirected because evolution and natural selection was “blind” and “unguided”, he said. With no overall perspective or predictive power. And, therefore it didn’t have the foggiest notion of where anything, and everything, was evolving to, or even why.

Nonetheless, this unguided ‘blind’ and mindless evolution had somehow assembled the vastly complex genetic code needed—all by itself. And then it assembled individual biological components all by itself. And, in many and varied ways, without any intelligence, it had intelligently ‘assembled’ all the complex biological systems into a vast multitude of immensely complex systems and sub-systems, all by itself. All of these were superbly integrated in precise ways to produce a fully functioning workable whole. And this had happened all by itself.

These many and varied forms of life then superbly integrated themselves into an unfathomable matrix of co-dependent life forms, to finally produce beautiful delicately balanced ecosystems—complex webs of interdependent life-forms and creatures. And all this happened by itself undirected and unguided, he said. It had orchestrated what he called “The Greatest Show on Earth”, without any grand master conductor, and no overall perspective. All this produced an instinctive, inspirational sense of awe and sheer wonder, he said. And such senses and feelings, too, had come about all by themselves.

Of course, no mention was made of the microscopic ATP synthase rotary motors in the membranes of mitochondria (the cell’s powerhouses), which are driven by proton flow (a positive electric current). Rotation of the motor converts ADP molecules plus phosphate into the cell’s fuel, ATP. It was not mentioned that these rotary motors must have first existed as fully formed and functional machines in order to maintain even the simplest form of plant and biological life. Nonetheless, all atheists believed that this motor, too, was assembled all by itself.

Next to speak was noted atheistic philosopher Daniel Donnott, author of Breaking the Spell, Bound and Consciousness Now Explained.

Dr Donnott said that consciousness had emerged all by itself. Consciousness had come from non-consciousness; conscience from no conscience, morals from no morals, and religion from no religion. He said that uncaring selfish genes and ‘nature red in tooth and claw’ had produced loving caring human beings, thus proving that an effect can not only be far greater than the cause, but ‘opposite’ to it. And, he said, this all happened all by itself.

However, all the atheists and Darwinians were somewhat perplexed as to why natural selection, which only preserves that which is "useful", would preserve within human genetics an inherent religious instinct. And the need for humans to largely conclude that God and the supernatural really existed, if they didn’t. Thus, everyone present had the task of resolving the unresolvable paradox of a godless evolutionary process creating the need for God. As this too had happened all by itself.

Also speaking was atheist philosopher Sam Harras, author of Notes To a Christian Nation.

Dr Harras sought to explain why free will, wasn’t free will. It was neither an act of volition, nor was it free. And he explained how reason had come from no reason, and intelligence from no intelligence, all by itself. Sam explained how scientists employed vast intellectual resources to unravel the immense complexity of what he called the non-intelligent universe, a world showing no hallmarks of intelligence or design. So ‘intelligent design’ wasn’t science, he said. He agreed with all the previous speakers, and likewise argued that everything had assembled and made itself.

At the end of the atheist conference, the auditorium lights were mistakenly turned off—except for the stage lights and the spotlight on the assembled atheist keynote speakers on stage.

Wollop! Everyone was startled! A very large, soft, overripe tomato had been hurled from the darkened auditorium, splattering all the keynote speakers.

“Who threw that?” the enraged announcer demanded to know.

A solitary voice came from the rear of the darkened auditorium.

“NO ONE THREW IT! — IT MADE AND THREW ITSELF”, shouted the voice.

After some discussion, the keynote speakers and other ‘brights’ among the evolution-minded audience finally agreed.

”The tomato must have thrown itself. after it made and assembled itself”, said Dr Richard Dawk.

"Yes! Makes perfect scientific sense. It's pure reason.", said Sam.

"Exactly!", said Daniel, "After all, the cosmos is a godless wonderland where the impossible and improbable happens all by itself, and always in reverse."

“Absolutely!” Lawrence Krass agreed, “The tomato came from nothing out of nowhere ....

. . . Just like the universe and everything else."

Composed by John Heininger -

Author’s disclaimer: As you would have guessed, the above is purely hypothetical, and tomato's throwing themselves stories are many and varied. But apart from the ending, it is representative of the evolutionary assumptions and perspectives of leading humanists, atheists, and even mainstream science itself. Derived from the comments, presentations and conclusions of the world's foremost atheist's. And from the philosophical naturalism and godless materialism widely promoted in mainstream science publications. And on which ‘big picture’ mainstream science now functions. Of course, all would agree that the conclusion about the tomato throwing itself was absurd, that is the very point being made here—the inconsistency between the godless naturalism and atheistic materialism of mainstream science and philosophy, and the way it conflicts with reason, common sense and ultimately reality itself.

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