Philosophy: Why the New Atheism Has No Answers

Dr Steve Kumar (Ph.D). Author, teacher, speaker and apologist, is committed to answering the tough questions of the skeptics and equipping believers with the tools to think more clearly about their faith. As a prominent New Zealand Christian apologist, Dr Kumar has been writing and speaking about faith, philosophy and apologetics for almost thirty years. Dr Kumar is a frequent guest on television, radio, and news media programs and is an influential voice on issues that relate to the credibility of the Christian truth claims. As well as acting as the apologetics lecturer at the Excel School of Performing Arts for over 13 years, Dr Kumar has been a regular speaker at more than twelve colleges and campuses in New Zealand and throughout the world. He has debated several notable skeptics and atheists, including Dr Alister Gunn (head of philosophy at the University of Waikato) and Professor Keith Campbell (Head of Philosophy of Sydney University), and Dr Bill Cook, vice-president of the NZ Rationalist society. He co-founded and was president of the New Zealand Evangelical Apologetics Society, and has authored books including Think Why You Believe, Answering the Counterfeit, and Christianity for the Skeptics, and recently won the Hollywood ‘Angel Award’ for excellence in media.

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