America is facing a sociopolitical leadership crisis. The moral health and cultural stability provided by belief in God and America’s longstanding Judaeo-Christian history and heritage is no more. America and other global democracies are in desperate need of discerning conservative leaders to restore these nation. Newly elected U.S. Presidential Donald Trump may well restore a nation in rapid socio-political decline. Operating on the theme “Make America Great Again”.

The sociopolitical and judicial activism of the vast atheistic Socialist-Humanist global network has worked to put an end to the widespread impact and influence of the Judaeo-Christian worldview, and diminish support of the Jewish people and Israel: Not only in the United States, but also in other global democracies. The godless socialist-Humanist left well understands that to decimate belief in God and America's Judaeo-Chrisian heritage is to decimate the source and foundation of conservative sociopolitical perspectives and power. Thus, enabling the leftist to gain total control over science and education at every level. As is their openly stated primary objective: Gaining total dominin in science and education would demolish belief in God and progressively eliminate and marginalise the widspread impact of Americas Judaeo-Christian history and hertage. Over time this godless agenda would radically transform the culture and the nation: From IN GOD WE TRUST to IN ATHEISM WE TRUST. The godless Socialist-Humanist leftist values and perspectives would be imposed and judicially enforced at evey level.

China and the world are acutely aware of America’s declining sociopolitical, economic and military power. And the profound diminishing impact of America's Judaeo-Christian history and heritate. As reported by The Weekend Australian Good Weekend magazine, China has openly acknowledged that the key to America’s rise as the world’s greatest global superpower was the Biblical “Protestant work ethic", and the moral and cultural stability provided by America’s longstanding Judaeo-Christian history and heritage. As reported, there are now more Christians in China than the United States. And more Christians than members of the Communist Party itself. Mindful of this reality the Chinese Communist Party State authorities tightly regulates State approved church, but ironicaly now prints Bibles on the State press to generate income and capatilise on the factors that made America great. While still maintaining absolute Communist party control and dominion.



The sociopolitical and judicial activism engaged in by the godless Socialist-Humanist global network has been aided and abetted by judicial 'progressives' on the U.S. Supreme Court. The leftist majority justices began “legislating from the bench". A chain of judicial decisions were made by the SCOTUS would eradicate theism and America’s longstanding Christian heritage from public life and education. The atheistic leftist's liberal worldview and lifestyle was imposed on the State and the nation by “progressive” judicial activism. The Constitution would mean whatever the 'progressive' SCOTUS justices "legislating from the bench" said it meant.

The primary weapons used by the leftist liberals to decimate theism and America’s Judaeo-Christian heritage would be the imposition of atheistic SCIENTISM, masquerading as science, and atheistic SECULARISM, masquerading as a non-religion. These two sociopolitical weapons have been used with lethal effect by leftists to impose a godless Socialist/Secular Humanist worldview and lifestyle on the State and the nation.

God was banished from science and public life, and the Judaeo-Christian views and values were banished to the fringe of education and mainstream culture. The godless leftist liberals well knew that these were primarily the source and foundation of conservative sociopolitical perspective’s and power. Thus, they would destroy the source and foundation of conservative political power and perspectives. As was the primary Socialist-Humanist objective. However, the flame of Christian and conservative America was kept burning. Inflamed solely by America’s many churches and religious organisations. However, Atheistic Secularism would be the “new religion” of the State. And the national emblem IN GOD WE TRUST would in real terms become IN ATHEISM WE TRUST.


The term "Secularism" was first used by hard-core atheist and socialist George Jacob Holyoake in 1851, as a substitute word for atheism, because atheism was seen as a "negative word". Holyoake wel knew that both meant to same thing and produced exactly the same godless outcome. Namely, an atheistic socialist-Humanist culture and lifestyle, "Without God, spirituality and alternative religions, particularly Christianity. Secularism is atheism, and atheism itself is a religion. A reality further affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court itself. (Kaufman v. McCaughtry - 2005). The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Atheism is a Religion because it is "religious in nature even though it expressly rejects a belief in a supreme being. As is the case with Zen Buddhism." To summerise: ATHEISM is a RELIGION, and SECULARISM is ATHEISM. Thus SECULARISM is the unconstitutional imposed State RELIGION.


"Make no mistake! Secularism is about the judicial and state enforcement of a godless sociopolitical system and lifestyle by brute force: Atheistic Secularism is the judicial and State enforcement of an atheistic religious worldview and lifestyle "Without God, spirituality and alternative religious worldviews, tolerating no other." This is accompanied by judicial threats and Government intimidation towards all who do not conform. In this sense the religion of atheistic "secularism" is no different to aggressive Communism, Socialism, Secular Humanism or Islam. And Secularism is a religion that hates every other religion, particularly Christianity".


The leftist liberal notion of "neutral" State religion was a myth. No government or nation can operate on a "neutral" foundation. Every government and nation of necessity must operate on an underlying worldview that prevails over all others. No government can operate on pluralism. It is impossible for any government or nation to function on the multiple conflicting religious beliefs of its citizens at the same time. As a consequence, all nations and governments operate on a foundational "religious" worldview that has overriding priority in State and government affairs; providing the essential foundation of the nation and culture. Moreover, every worldview is of necessity founded on “metaphysical” religious beliefs beyond the verifiable limits of science and physics. This is also true of atheism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Humanism, Secularism and every other godless worldview: As all godless sociopolitical global movements are religious. They all of necessity operate on the unproven "blind faith" metphysical religious assumptions of "philosophical" naturalism and godless materialism. Which cannot be empiriclly verified. All are founded on metaphysical religious beliefs that have the charcteristics of the miraulous - see miracles of Science.


Philosophical naturalism– materialism is the unproven ”blind faith” metaphysical religious belief that ALL REALITY must, and can, be explained solely by godless processes and causes alone: Accompanied by the unverifiable religious belief that science is the only source of knowledge and truth. We have a name for this unproven religious belief. It’s called “scientism”, not science. This Scientism is based on “vastly improbable” events for which there exists “no verifiable scientific answers”, to this very day. We have a name for “vastly improbable” events that have no verifiable scientific answer. They are known as “miracles”. :See Here


Most Important: Socialism and Secularism operate on the principle that by demolishing theism and the Christian worldview the Socialist-Humanist global network has distroyed the electoral source and foundations of conservative sociopolitical perspective’s and power. Thus forcing sociopolitical conservatives ever further to the left. This was the primary leftist liberal objective -an agenda largely achieved.


The fury unleashed by this "Dictatorship of the judiciary" legislating from the bench would have a deadly impact on the United States and other global democracies as the godless leftist Socialist-Humanist agenda became entrenched in education and the broader nationl culture. The Judaeo-Christian values and sociopolitical perspectives that had dominated values and perstectives for generations would be effectively dismantled. The Judaeo-Christian values and perspectives that had made the United States the greatest superpower in history was being progressively dismantled by the godless left. Such conservative perspectives were now regarded as anathema by the leftist, and "progressive" liberal Supreme Court justices that now dominated the U.S. Supreme Court. Which newly elected President Trump would seek to reverse.

The fury unleashed by this "Dictatorship of the judiciary" legislating from the bench would have a deadly effect on the American culture and the nation. The Judaeo-Christian values and sociopolitical perspective that had made the United States the greatest superpower in history were no more. Such views and values were now regarded as anathema by the "unelected" and electorally "unaccountable" progressive Supreme Court justices. Who began legislating the godless liberal agenda from the bench”. This was the very thing Abraham Lincoln feared and had warned Americans about. Stated Lincoln:

“[I]f the policy of the government, upon vital questions, affecting the whole people, is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, the instant they are made…the people will have ceased, to be their own rulers…”


The judicial and State imposition of the godless leftist-liberal sociopolitical and amoral agenda would demolish the existing sociopolitical order, and have far reaching social and political consequences. American culture would increasingly fragment and disintegrate. Resulting in an ongoing declime in international political status and military power, with due consequences. America would be increasingly be regarded as fragmented and morally and politically weaker. The new godless amoral new State religion of atheistic Secularism would generate sexual permisiveness, failed marriages, no fault divorce, fragmented and disfunctional families, disoriented children and youth, widespread drug use and addiction, rising suicide rates, rising levels of crime and violence and rampant pornography. Along with child abuse, relationship violence, the active persuit of Euthanasia. and the judicial and State enforced acceptance of Gay marriage - with opponents penalized and imprisoned. Further culminating in the abortion"killing fields": Where 80 million unborn American children would be ripped apart and sold as body parts. While leading to rising levels of political misconduct and corruption; instutional crime; widespread homocide and economic exploitation. The destructive deadly consequence of this rapid decline for American sociopolitical power and perspectives was there for the world to see, including China. It was this disintegration of the American culture that lead to the election of an outsider such as Donald Trump, who pomised to raically reverse and change this godless nation wrecking Socialist-Humanist dominion. And return the United States to its Judaeo-Christian history and heritage.


The key to restoring America to its former Greatness is for congress to “nullify” all U.S. Supreme Court decisions where leftist liberal justices have “Legislated from the bench” in violation of the plain wording of the United States Constitution.

The key to restoring America's Judaeo-Christian heritage is to prevent the liberal left deceptively using atheist SCIENTISM, masquerading as science, and atheistic SECULARISM, masquerading as a non-religion: Preventing "philosophical" naturalism and the godless materialism being imposed on public and private education at every level to the exclusion of all else. Opening science and education to alterntive perspectives.Such as the theistic perspectives held by the pioneers of Modern science and many scientists today, who reject the metaphysical religious "Scientism" now being universally imposed.

Such developments are needed to restablish the cultural views and perspectives of America's longstanding Judaeo-Christian history and heritage.
- by John Heininger

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