America is facing a leadership crisis. U,S Senator Ben Sasse is a breath of fresh air. The nation desperately needs intelligent discerning conservative leaders like this to restore the nation to its former global status. The destructive impact of the leftist liberal godless agenda is there for all to see: An agenda imposed on the State and the nation by ongoing leftist liberal U.S. Supreme Court majority justices “legislating from the bench to impose an atheistic worldview and lifestyle on the State and the nation. Ensuring that the national emblem IN GOD WE TRUST would in real terms become IN ATHEISM WE TRUST.

Theism and Christianity had prevailed as the dominant worldview in nations east and west for over 1000 years. People were free to practice alternative religious beliefs within the tested and proven socio-political framework provided by the underlying Judeo-Christian worldview: Making these democracies the envy of the world and the chosen destination of immigrants from less fortunate cultures around the world.

While the Judeo-Christian worldview was the primary source and foundation of western democracies, citizens were free to practice their own religion and beliefs, within the civil law of the land as defined by the Constitution. Even in Great Britain where the Church of England was given a privileged place in the English culture, England was not a theocracy. As the elected members of parliament were the ultimate authority and not the clergy, as was the case with a theocracy. And even though the clergy were given a representative place in the House of Lords this had no significant bearing on how the elected government operated. Likewise, while the Queen was regarded as the head of State and the Church of England, the ultimate authority again resided in the elected government;


The vast atheistic global network of Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Humanist, and leftist liberal sociopolitical activists soon put an end to this. The ingenious strategy used by this vast Socialist-Humanist global network to bring this about represents the peak of sociopolitical and judicial warfare. The strategy used would be lethal, And deadly weapons used by the leftist liberals would be atheistic “scientism” masquerading as science, and atheistic “Secularism”, masquerading as "religious neutrality’’. Both Scientism and Secularism would be weilded with deadly effect to decimate theism and the Christian worldview in the U.S. and all other global democracies. In less then a generation "atheistic secularism" would replace Christianity as the dominant worldview in the U.S. and all other cultures. Neither the Christian world nor conservatives discerned what was happening, until it was to late. And would thereafter exhaust themselves fighting secular induced forest fires.


The term "Secularism" was first used by hard-core atheist and socialist George Jacob Holyoake in 1871, as a substitute word for atheism, because atheism was seen as a "negative word". Secularism is atheism, and atheism is itself a religion: A reality since affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court. (Kaufman v. McCaughtry - 2005).

Sociopolitical conservatives, Christians and the general public failed to discern what was happening. This was because the leftists used tactics and language to disarm Christians and conservatives. And deceived the public and lawmakersc into believing that Scientism was real science, and "secularism" was "religiously neutral". And would therefore guarantee religious liberty and freedom of religion for all in a pluralistic democratic culture. As we shall see, the reality would be far different. Secondly, the public did not realise the extent that godless leftist ideology had permeated and influenced mainstream science and public institutions at every level: politics, law, the judiciary, the media, and public and private education. The outworking of a vast global network of Sociatist-Humanist sociopolitical organisations and activist movements, including leftist political parties and a vast multitude front organizations.

The Socialist-Humanist activists used "Scientism" and "secularism" to drive a wedge between the State and public institutions and all things religious. With God and the Christian worldview the principle target. There was nothing "neutral" about anteistic secularism. While religious freedom and liberty were nowhere to be seen. Rather "secularism" was about eliminating all other religious worldviews from the public domain. And "imposing" the atheistic religious worldview on the State and the nation. Atheistic Secularism was about shuting down open enquiry, academic freedom, freedom of expression and religious freedom in education and all State and public institutions. Making Secularism the sole and exclusive new religion of the State and nation.


The broader public did not realize that Communism, Socialism and Humanism were simply one and the same. All were expressions of atheistic socialism wearing different hats. And using parallel strategies to achieve a common shared objective: Namely, the enforcement of a godless Socialist-Humanist worldview founded on atheism and social equality. In fact there was no "equality" anywhere to be seen. Other than the Socialist State sharing the wealth of others to the working and non-working class. All in the misguided quest to establish "a socialized and cooperative economic order "for the "equitable distribution of the means of life".(Humanist Manifesto 1933, Article 14). The difference between the Humanist and Communist Manifestos is the "means" by which this common atheistic Socialist objective would be "gradually"achieved using Fabin Society Socialist tactics within the existing democratic and capitalist framework.


The leftist liberal notion of "religiously neutral" State was a myth. No government or nation can operate on a "neutral" foundation. Every government and nation of necessity must operate on an underlying worldview that prevails over all others. No government can operate on pluralism. It is impossible for any government or nation to function on the multiple conflicting religious beliefs of its citizens at the same time. As a consequence, all nations and governments operate on a foundational "religious" worldview that has overriding priority in State and government affairs. providing the essential foundation of the nation and culture. It would be either theistic Christianity or atheistic Secularism.

All worldviews of necessity have a "metaphysical" religious foundation. This is also true of atheism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Humanism, Secularism and every other godless worldview: As all godless socio-political global movements of necessity operate on the unproven "blind faith" rligious assumptions of "philosophical" naturalism and godless materialism: Metaphysical dogmatic religious beliefs that are above and beyond the "verifiable" limits of science and physics. This Scientism is based on religious beliefs based on vastly improbable events for which there exists no "Verifiable scientific" answers, to this very day. In other words, all of science if founded on miracles. Here.Miracles of Science


Thus two most deadly weapons used by the leftist liberals to decimate theism, the Judaeo-Christian worldview - and by extension conservative sociopolitical power and perspectives - would be SCIENTISM, masquarading as science, and atheistic SECULARISM, deceptively masquarading as a religiously "neutral" worldview. The judicial stage was now set to bring this about.As the judiciary were argely products of universities and law schools that operated on the leftist liberal worldview, including the noted unitarian styled Harvard Law School . All of which fashioned a leftist liberal minded judiciary that was made manifest as a "majority" in the U.S. Supreme court, and at every major judicial level. With the liberal justices legislating from the bench to overide the moral values and perspectives of the broader public and elected majority to impose the leftist liberal "minority" activist perspectives and amoral egenda on the culture and the State.


The social and moral legacy provided by the widespread belief in God, and America's Judaeo-Christian history and heritage, would be demolished. Along with the "Protestant work ethic" and the moral welbeing and cultural stability provided by the Christian worldview. The judicial and State imposition of the leftist-liberal sociopolitical and amoral agenda would be the new order, with due consequences. The new leftist liberal State religion of atheistic Secularism would generate sexual permisiveness, fractured marriages, no fault divorce, fragmented and disfunctional families, disoriented children and youth, widespread drug use and addiction, rising suicide rates, rising levels of crime and violence, the abortion"killing fields", rampant pornography, child abuse, relationship violence, and the judicial and State enforced acceptance of Gay marriage - with opponents penalized and imprisoned. Further culminating in rising levels of political misconduct and corruption; instutional crime; economic exploitation, homocide, and the active persuit of Euthanasia. The fury unleashed by this "Dictatorship of the judiciary", with leftist liberal majority justices ligislating from the bench would have a deadly effect on the culture and the nation. The Judaeo-Christian values and sociopolitical perspective that had made the United States the greatest superpower in history was no more. The unelected justices “legislating the godless leftist liberal agenda from the bench” had put an end to this. This was the very thing Abraham Lincoln feared and had warned Americans about. Stated Lincoln:

“[I]f the policy of the government, upon vital questions, affecting the whole people, is to be irrevocably fixed by decisions of the Supreme Court, the instant they are made…the people will have ceased, to be their own rulers…”

The brilliance and cunning of leftist liberal activism is seen in the deceptive ploy used to promote atheistic Secularism as a "religiously neutral" viewpoint. This ingenious deceptive ploy has succeeded beyond all expectations. An ongoing series of judicial decisions by leftist liberal U.S. Supreme Court justices has made atheistic "Secularism" the new State religion, and accepted benchmark for all judicial rulings. This deceptive ploy by atheistic activists would be the lethal weapon that spelt the end of God and Christian perspective’s in the United States and other global democracies.

The judicial activism that triggered these judicial U.S. Supreme Court decisions were instigated by secular Humanists, atheists and others intent on eradicating God, Christianity and conservative views and values from the United States and other global cultures: Effectively making "atheistic secularism" the new State Religion. Subsequent Supreme Court Judicial decisions ruled that all State decisions and activities must hereafter have a purely "secular" purpose. Meaning, theistic and Christian views and values were henceforth regarded as anathema and were to be eradicated from all Federal and State institutions, and public education. God and the Judaeo-Christian worldview were thus effectively banished to the fringe of all western cultures and lifestyle. Declared to be just one religious option among others.

We now have a judiciary that has not only imposed atheistic secularism on the state and the nation, but a judiciary that imposes the godless leftist liberal worldview and lifestyle on all cttizens. A judiciary that threatens heavy fines and imprisonment for those people who for religious reasons regard liberal lifestyle views and values as immoral: A judiciary that imposes these immoral views and values on the entire nation , without exception. In total disregard of the constitutional and international human rights protections and provisions to protect freedom of religion and prectice, in public and private. This gross violation of these fundamental rights and freedoms amounted to a “dictatorship” of the judiciary, legislating immoral views and values from the bench.


"Make no mistake! Secularism is about the judicial and state enforcement of a godless sociopolitical system and lifestyle by brute force: Atheistic Secularism is the judicial and State enforcement of an atheistic religious worldview and lifestyle "Without God, spirituality and alternative religious worldviews, tolerating no other." This is accompanied by judicial threats and Government intimidation towards all who do not conform. In this sense atheistic "secularism" is no different to aggressive Communism, Socialism, Secular Humanism or Islam. As Secularism is a religion that hates every other religion, particularly Christianity".

Most important, by decimating theism and the Christian worldview this Socialist-Humanist global activism had dismantled the electoral source and foundations of conservative sociopolitical perspective’s and power. Thus forcing sociopolitical conservatives ever further to the left. This was the primary leftist liberal objective -an agenda largely achieved.

(Extract segment overview from forthcoming book).
John Heininger
Director AEAS, NEC