“A finite point without an infinite reference point is meaningless and absurd.” – Jean Paul Sarte


ABSTRACT: We live at a time dominated by “metaphysical” naturalism and godless materialism. Where “Scientism” masquerades as science, and atheistic secularism now dominates mainstream cultures. It’ a time when aggressive atheism is again on the march, seducing mainstream science, academia, the intelligentsia, and the broader community: Fully committed to the decimation of theism and the Judeo-Christian worldview. And the judicial and State imposition of a godless secular worldview and cultural lifestyle “Without God, spirituality and traditional religion.”. The new dominant religion would be atheistic Secularism (Secular Humanism). In the words of the Apostle Paul, “professing to be wise they became fools….ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth.

Atheists falsly assert that atheism is founded on “reason” and “science”. And that there is no evidence for the existence of God, or gods. This is true of all worldviews founded on atheism (Communism, Socialism, Humanism, atheistic secularism included) All actively seek to aggressively implement a godless worldview and cultural lifestyle, ” Without God, spirituality and religion.”: Ignoring the reality that atheism is itself a religion.

That atheism is just another religion was affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court decision (Kaufman v. McCaughtry – 2005). In this decision the U.S. Supreme Court justices set the precedence that acknowledged Atheism to be a "religion: Because atheism represents a group that was "religious in nature even though it expressly rejects a belief in a supreme being.", as is the case with Zen Buddhism. This landmark court decision was the benchmark that affirmed what most people already knew to be true - Atheism is a religion.

Indeed, atheism is a religion founded on unproven “blind faith” metaphysical assumptions: That are above and beyond the limits of science and physics. Namely, the unproven blind faith belief that “philosophical” naturalism and godless materialism is “true”. Meaning, the unproven blind faith belief that everything in existence is solely the result of godless natural processes and material causes alone. Together with the unproven blind faith belief that science is the only real source of knowledge and truth. None of these metaphysical religious beliefs can be substantiated. The name of this unproven blind faith religious belief is SCIENTISM, not science.

So, here we see he first glimpse of the philosophical and scientific absurdity of atheism: The bold assertion that “no God exists” based on limited finite knowledge, understanding and insights. And no possible way of ever knowing that they really know that they know: Because limited finite humanity will never be in a position to know the ultimate nature of ultimate reality. As stated by agnostic astrophysicist Neil de Grame Tyson in his series The Inexplicable Universe .”We are still stooped in profound ignorance as to what’s going on in the universe, and in our understanding of the universe.” In short, to establish that there is “no God” the atheists would need to have the insights and “all knowing” perspective of God

God rejected, Absurdities accepted

, Atheism is indeed the most intellectually bankrupt and ruthless of all religious worldviews. As we shall now see, atheism is the king with no cloths. With its feet are panted firmly in mid air.

Godless Naturalism has no philosophical or scientific basis:

Atheism has no miracle worker within its godless system: Because everything in existence necessitates an external cause to account for its existence, without exception. Nothing exists within the universe that is “self-existing”, or possesses any “creative capabilities”. As such, the only philosophical and scientific basis for existence is the necessary existence of cause above and beyond the universe - God. Which fosters the question “Who or what made God? Here the atheist runs into a terminal philosophical and scientific dilemma: Because if God also needed a cause we have an “infinite” regress of “dependent” causes. That are forever dependent on something proceeding. Thus nothing would ever exist that could bring itself or anything else into existence. Not ever! Forever! The only philosophical and scientific answer to this existential crisis is the “necessary” existence of a “self-existing” eternal first cause – in the beginning God.

Atheism’s feet planted in mid Air: No Naturalistic Answers

• The origin of the universe: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of initial minimum cosmic entropy: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of cosmic unity, structure and order: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of universal natural laws: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of cosmic “fine tuning: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of precisely balanced atomic particles: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of inherent natural patterns, tapestries: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of life: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of the DNA Double Helix: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of consciousness: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of complex genetic coding: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of reason from non-reason: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of intelligence from non intelligence: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• The origin of conscience: No verifiable naturalistic answer
• Etc, etc, etc.

Conclusion: Because has no verifiable naturalistic answer for any of this, and no creator or miracle worker within its godless universe. Atheists must blindly believe that everything is, of necessity, solely the result of “undirected” chance cosmic events, and unguided “chance” mutations and blind natural selection. This takes us to the absurdity of evolutionary theory, and the absurdity of origins by “chance” events.

Darwinian Delusions, Evolution logically absurd:

1. Evolution, the only theory where the “effect” of evolution is not only far greater than the cause, but actually “opposite” to the “cause”.
2. Evolution, the only theory that has no observations in the present on which to base prediction about the unobserved past.
3. Evolution, the only theory that disregards the most repeated “experiment” and “observation” on planet earth. Namely, that every form of life has natural reproductive boundaries and cross breeding limits, that make the “evolutionary continuum” impossible.
4. Evolution, a historical theory that operates solely on “subjective” opinions and assumptions as to what “supposedly” happened in unobserved distant past. None of which can be verified by the empirical scientific method.


This brings us to the second irrational atheistic absurdity:

Godless Miracles without a Miracle Worker.

Atheism asserts that everything in existence is solely the result of undirected chance events that are “vastly improbable”, having no verifiable scientific answer. To believe that everything in existence is purely the result of undirected blind “chance” is logically and rationally absurd. It amounts to believing the unbelievable and thinking the unthinkable.

This bizarre notion also turns out to be a definition of ‘magic” and “miracles’: Namely, “vastly improbable” events for which there exists no verifiable scientific answer. This amounts to believing in “miracles without a miracle worker”, which all theists would have to concede is “really miraculous.”

Atheist Worldview offers nothing: A godless highway to nowhere:

Atheism leads to a godless wilderness where life is stripped of all meaning, purpose and hope.

Atheism a Moral Void: Because a godless universe is a place where “anything” is possible, and “everything is permissible” the atheist notion that freedom and fairness are morally necessary, is refuted by the reality that “natural selection” must involve natural “rejection”. And this “rejection” is a ruthless uncaring, violent process involving the “survival of the fittest” and nature “red in tooth and claw”. .

Indeed, the atheist highway is unavoidably paved with ruthless “natural selection”. And the history of atheism is consistently littered with intolerance, totalitarianism, violence, brutality, murder, and the obliteration of opponents.

The atheist icon, Fredrick Nietzschi, accurately predicted that the “death of God” in the nineteenth century would make the twentieth century the bloodiest century in world history. As Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, Ho chi Min, and other atheists well demonstrated. And in an age littered with nebular rockets and massive national armies numbering millions, a potential human holocaust of imaginable proportions is an ever-present reality.

God viciously attacked.

God has become the principle focus of the atheist’s vicious assault on the Judeo-Christian worldview. Atheist asserts that God is a vicious totalitarian monster; a “midnight assassin” who rains fire and brimstone on all under His judgement.

God certainly is severe in his judgements. However, such judgement did not occur until human rebellion, evil, violence and inhuman conduct towards others reaches epidemic proportions. With violence so widespread and universal that divine intervention is warrented. None-the-less, God waits patiently and withholds judgement until individuals, nations and humanity are beyond reconciliation. Indeed, prior to the global flood God waited patiently until the longest living person at that time died - Methuselah.

Here we see the double standards of atheism. Atheists endlessly complain that God should do something about the evil, suffering, violence, injustice and atrocities in our world. And than accuse God of being a “monster” when He severely judges individuals, cultures and nations involved in this.

The inconsistency of atheistic ‘reason’ is everywhere apparent. Atheist demand freedom, independence and sovereignty over their own lives and over their environment, but begrudge God sovereignty over His creation. Atheists support the obliteration of millions who opposed the imposition of atheistic communism and Nazis. And atheists widely endorse the ripping apart of millions of unborn children in the womb. Atheists further regard all other forms as having no intrinsic value, and expendable. Yet they assert that God is a “monster” for manifesting similar sovereignty over His creation. Likewise, around the world judges daily issue judgements involving imprisonment or the death penalty. Atheists see no problem with this, until it is God who issues His divine judgment: Based on His holy, and righteous nature. While considering His atoning redemptive love, in Christ.

Deadly cancer - Deadly Sin.

God treats human sinful rebellion and evil the same in way the surgeon treats deadly cancer. Surgeons know that every single cell of cancer must be removed and obliterated, without exception: Because a single remaining cancer cell, however minute, can quickly multiply to kill the host. God sees human sin and rebellion in the same light. Every residue of sin and rebellion must be obliterated or quarantined. Alternatively, the sinful deadly human virus can be transformed and "divinely shrouded", in Christ. This is why God, in Christ, came to take the judgement for our sin on our behalf as stated in the Gospels: By Christ's substitutionary crucifixion and sacrificial death as, "The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world."

The Judeo-Christian worldview condemned.

In the same way, Atheists target Christianity. Not in the context of the sacrificial attitude and conduct practiced (and advocated) by Christ and the New Testament, Nor in the context of the sacrificial attitude and behaviour of the disciples and the early Christian church. Rather atheists attack Christianity by highlighting the “unchristian” attitude and conduct of the Papacy and other Christian leaders, and the powerful and entrenched and corrupt and oppressive nature of the powerful church establishment. We endlessly hear about the cruel Crusaders, the Inquisition, the witch trials and the multitude of other “unchristian” attitudes and activities.

However, as we saw, Atheist themselves have engaged in diabolical activities and the most horrendous of atrocities, to this very day, with the ongoing ripping apart and butchering of late term unborn children in abortion abattois.


1. Atheism will never be able to establish its foundational beliefs:
A. That there is no God.
B. That the natural world is all that exists, or can exist
C. That “philosophical” naturalism is TRUE.
D. That everything in existence is solely the result of natural processes and causes alone.
E. That undirected chance events can produce balanced ecosystems and biological life forms of breathtaking complexity
F. Out of an unthinking atom, out of flux, nothing but flux.

2. Atheism will never be able to establish a basis for “Personal” attributes - No philosophical or scientific basis
A. “Impersonal” matter can of itself never produce “personal” human beings.

3. Atheism Will never be able to provide a basis for Morality
A. Raw materialism can never provide a basis for ethics and morality
B. In a godless world everything is possible, and permissible.
C. The Communist, Marxist, Humanist atheist worldview has resulted in the death of millions - Consistent with Atheist worldview.
D. Atheism when combined with Darwin’s godless “natural Selection” theory of evolution has produced global genocide: Sarte, Nietzsche, Russell, Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.

4. Atheism will never be able to provide a basis for any “meaning” or “purpose” to life and existence – not ever.

A. Humans instinctively seek meaning and purpose to life and existence.
B. The demolition of God destroys all basis for accountability and duty.
C. Death of God is the death of meaning, values, morality, ethics.
D. Without God the pointlessness and aimlessness of life remains.
E. Dislocated humanity has no special role or place. Doses of ablivion
F. Activity and achievement does no create meaning.
G. Success and creativity do not bring meaning to life – Coleridge, opium
H. Variety and attitude makes no difference to the empty void of existence
I. Science is silent on such matters.
J. Atheism devalues humanity, diminishes dignity – ends in dust of death. Death in turn destroys each destroyer, in the cycle of pain and suffering.

K. In death atheism meets its nemesis, and can offer no comfort.

Man is a stranger to his own research. He knows not whence he comes, nor whither he goes. Tormented atoms in a bed of mud, devoured by death, a mockery of fate. – Voltaire. (On the futility of existence itself.)

Atheism walks with its head down, earthbound, which is why it grasps nothing of eternal value. It must admitits predicament without God, there is no meaning to life.” – Ravi Zacheriah



• Use “metaphysical” or philosophical naturalism to eradicate God from His creation.

• Use Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” to eradicate God from the “origin and creation of all forms of life.

• Use Deep-Time dating assumptions to decimate the Biblical account of creation as outlined in Genesis, because God’s the entire redemptive plan and purse depends on the ‘historical integrity” of the Genesis account: As Christ is declared to be the “second Adam”. And Deep –Time dating utterly destroys the Biblical genealogy linking Adam to Christ. And thus demolishes the Gospel message.

• Use leftist-liberal majority Supreme Court judicial decisions to entrench atheistic Secularism as the new religious foundation of the State: To eradicate theism, prayer, Bible reading, creation, the Ten Commandments and every reference to God and the Christian worldview from education and all State funded public institutions. Under the deception that “secularism” is “religiously neutral” .When in fact “secular” is just another name for “Atheism”

• Use leftist-liberal majority judicial decision to eradicate State endorsement and funding of all Christian and religious activities. .And actively promote godless “Scientism” and “Secularism” in all public and State funded institutions - nationally and globally.

5. Atheism and Darwinism represent a godless worldview founded on relentless violence and the ruthless wholesale slaughter of all who oppose the establishment of the atheist socio-political secular agenda and the atheistic “brave new world”.


• The New Atheists are the “darlings” of the global mainstream media.

• The New Atheists are celebrity speakers and special guests at universities and institutes of higher learning, major and minor, throughout the world.

• The worldview of the New Atheists is fully supported by all major academic and scientific Academes, institutes, and affiliations, without exception.

• Atheistic and naturalistic worldview of the New Atheists is now actively promoted in every science class, and by all global scientific and educational review and news publications, without exception.

• Godless New Atheists naturalistic worldview and godless secular (atheistic) cultural lifestyle and perspective’s now actively promoted in all public and private schools and education institutions.


The godless evolutionary Humanist worldview is now embraced and even actively taught in Christian schools, education institutions, mainstream theological institutions and many evangelical Bible colleges. All of which have embraced the (godless) Naturalism of mainstream science (in reality Scientism): Along with the theory of evolution and Deep-Time dating assumptions. Thus, Scientism and godless Secularism is now deeply entrenched in Christian theology and the Christian worldview. As a consequence the plain meaning of Genesis and related Scripture has been largely abandoned.


Atheists tactical strategy: Use derogative terms and inventive tactics that denigrate God; decimate the Biblical Revelation, and discredit the Judeo-Christian worldview.

Tactic 1:Argue that there is no evidence for God’s existence.

Tactic 2: Argue that God is an absolute “monster”. A vengeful and ruthless tyrant and assassin who ruthlessly destroys individuals, peoples and entire cultures and nations. Highlight specific Scriptures
that illustrate your point.

Tactic 3: Argue that God is not great. And that “religion poisons everything”.

Tactic: 4 Argue that great evil has been done in the name of God, Christianity and religion. Stressing the evil, cruelty, persecution, inquisitions, executions, and widespread hardship and suffering perpetrated by Popes, Bishops, priests, Christians and the church establishment .

Tactic 5: Argue that the Bible is entirely a flawed human construct. And not a divine revelation. Argue that the Bible is nothing but a composite of untrustworthy ancient manuscripts, selected from a multitude of other manuscripts of dubious and uncertain origin: Full of mistakes, errors and contradictions.

Tactic 6: Argue that “reason” and “science” is the only real source of knowledge and truth. And that God is a delusion,

Tactic 7: Argue that everything can, and will, be fully explained solely by natural processes and godless causes alone, Making God an unnecessary hypothesis.

Tactic 8: Argue that all forms of life can be fully explained by a godless evolutionary process operating on random chance mutations and “natural selection” alone.

Tactic 9: Argue that godless secularism offers a better foundation for life and culture than Christianity, Islam or any other religions.

Tactic 10: Argue that Atheism can provide a moral basis for life and society, and that Atheists are just a moral as Christians, and sometimes more so.

Tactic 11: Argue that “miracles” do not occur. And therefore all the Biblical accounts of miracles are either embellished accounts or mere myths. Miracles have no credible scientific basis.

Tactic 12: Argue that prayers are a waste of time, As ‘answered’ prayer is more imagined than real, As research reveals that prayers largely go unanswered, or at best a 50/50 statistical outcome at best.

Tactic 13: Argue that even thought the origin of the universe and the origin and complexity of life have not verifiable scientific answer, God would be vastly more complex, and therefore even more difficult to explain . So, we should just start and finish with the universe. This is equivalent to saying that a car designer and maker would be more complex than the car, and therefore more difficult to explain. And therefore we should just conclude that the car made itself. Which is absurd!