God Exists

It’s Hard to Avoid Miracles – Even For Scientists!


Christmas is a time of miracles - the virgin birth. Did you know that modern science also operates on the premise that “miracles” can happen, and repeatedly happened in the past - because there is no other option. There is ultimately no verifiable scientific answer for any natural phenomena. The reason being that purely natural processes and causes alone cannot for account for anything in existence - nothing!

At first glance the statement that science operates on miracles appears to be contrary to all that science stands for. Because the scientific world functions on the unproven “blind faith” belief that everything in existence can, and will, be fully explained by natural processes and cause alone. This is based on the unverifiable belief that science is the "only" real source of knowledge and truth. However this grand assertion is nothing more than a blind leap of faith. It is impossible for “finite” human beings with limited insights, knowledge, and understanding to ever define the ultimate nature of ultimate reality. Thus, the very notion that the scientific world can ever define the ultimate nature of existence is unrealistic and utterly absurd. Making the scientific quest for the godless “Theory of Everything” an illusion based on a delusion. In the words of noted French philosopher Jean Paul Sarte, ”A finite point, without and infinite reference point is meaningless and absurd.”

This leap of blind faith is known as “metaphysical” naturalism. Metaphysical simply means “beyond the verifiable limits of science and physics. Meaning, mainstream science now largely functions on hypothetical religious beliefs that have no testable or verifiable scientific basis. We have a name for this dogmatic metaphysical religious view of reality. It’s called Scientism, not science. Scientism is defined as: The precept that science is the foundation of ALL knowledge and that ALL truth can be arrived at by the empirical method.[emphasis made] The problem is that the Empirical & Scientific Method has no part to play in testing or verifying “historical theories” about unobserved historical events in the distant past. Thus, the grand assertions of the scientific world about origins and the nature of reality are more imagined than real.

Science still has no verifiable natural answer for the origin of the universe or anything else. There is no verifiable scientific answer for the origin of cosmic unity; natural laws; the finely tuned cosmological constants; the precisely balanced sub-atomic particles; the mathematical regularity and predicability of the cosmos, or he inherent natural patterns. All of this is just accepted as a given. As is the origin and unique structure of the water molecule: The most profound molecule in the universe.

More immediate to us earthlings, the scientific world has no verifiable scientific answer as to how “undirected” cosmic events can account for the multitude of factors needed for the existence of a life friendly solar system and terrestrial planet such as the earth. There is still has no verifiable natural answer as to how “undirected” cosmic events, and “unguided” natural processes can account for the vastly complex matrix of “interconnected” life forms and environmental systems on planet earth

Furthermore, science still has no verifiable natural answer for the origin of life, the DNA double helix, the formulation of genetic coding, the wonder of consciousness, or the breathtaking complexity of the human brain and mind. Nor is there a verifiable scientific answer for intelligence, reason, language, music, or any other attribute of living creatures. Raw materialism cannot account for conscience and values, nor the inherent spirituality and widespread belief in a creator that supposedly doesn’t exist. Scientists committed to naturalism are therefore puzzled as to why godless natural processes would place these inherent religious instincts within the human genome. Atheistic materialism has no definitive answer for any of this.

The problems multiply for hard-core naturalism and materialism: Even though there is a mountain of articles and books published on cosmological and biological evolutionary “historical theories” the debate still rages on, and for good reason. There is no verifiable "experimental" or "observational" scientific basis for such events. Because the scientific method cannot be used to test or verify “historical” events in the unobserved distant past. In fact every observation ever made by experimental scientists and horticulturists affirm that such events cannot happen (see below). This reality is futher affirmed by the most established law and observation in science and physics - Second Law of Thermodynamics. This law affirms that the universe “started out” in a fully formed state of minimum entropy: The initial cosmic state where order, information, and useable energy was at a premium. Causing creationist scientists and a majority of people to wonder why such a universe would need to evolve.

The scientific world is so blinded by philosophical naturalism and raw materialism that few have noticed that this initial minimum entropy highly ordered cosmic state is “irreconcilable” with the current concept of cosmological and biological evolution. Which is actively promoted and defiantly protected by the scientific world on ideological grounds. Templeton Prize winning physicist Dr Paul Davies, author of God & The New Physics, has observed this "unresolved paradox". Says Davies "Mystery surrounds how order has emerged out of chaos in the universe". The "mystery" is how the present orderly structures and complex activity could have arisen "in apparent defiance of the second law of thermodynamics which requires that order decreases, rather than increases over time.” Yet, so committed is the scientific world to the hard-core atheism of philosophical naturalism of the current Big Bang model of cosmological and biological evolution that scientists defiently remain blind to this irreconcilable paradox. And simply ignore it!

Cosmological and biological evolutionary "historical theories" about the unobserved past events are entirely philosophical constructs based on the metaphysical ideology of atheistic materialism. Namely, metaphysical religious beliefs above and beyond the verifiable limits of science and physics. This scientism brings into question the whole atheistic worldview of mainstream science. Theoretical physics such as England’s Stephen Hawking and America’s Lawrence Karuss, are hard pressed to empirically verify how a precisely balanced finely tuned universe of minimum entropy could emerge from the theoretical Big Bang, or from a hypothetical quantum vacuum - from nothing out of nowhere. In reality, this atheistic “Theory of Everything” turns out to be a theory of “nothing”.

As the philosopher G.K Chersteton noted “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.” Not only does the scientific world violate the underlying principles of cause and effect that are foundational to science and physics, but has actually turned reason and science on its head. The world of metaphysical naturalism is a surreal Wonderland where an “effect” can not only be far greater than the “cause”, but “opposite” to the cause. It’s a magical world where the scientific world gets life from non-life, consciousness from non-consciousness, mind from mindless matter, reason from non-reason, intelligence from non-intelligence, conscience from non-conscience and morals from amoral molecules. Thus, revealing the extent to which an “irrational” mindset has replaced reason in the scientific world. And the extent to which “Scientism” has replaced science. In the words the Apostle Paul, “Professing to be wise they become fools”

None-the-less, the scientific world largely asserts that all these “vastly improbable” events happened, even though no “verifiable” scientific answer exists for any of this. There is a name for “vastly improbable” events that have “no known scientific answers”: They are called “miracles”. The problem the entire scientific world faces is that there is no self-creating cause or “miracle worker” anywhere to be found inside the universe. Meaning, they believe all these miracles happened without a miracle worker. Which all theists would all have to concede is “really miraculous”.


If nothing exists within the universe that is “self-creating” or “self-existing” than everything in the existence needs an external cause. This includes you and the running down dying universe itself, which cannot explain, sustain or maintain itself. So, if you or any scientist knows of anything in existence that is not dependent on a preceding cause the Nobel Committee would like to hear from you. If not, the only philosophical and scientific option is a “transcendent” metaphysical cosmic cause above and beyond the universe – namely God. So, the question arises, “Who or what made God?

So, it logically follows that if the transcendent external cause, which we call God, is Himself forever “dependent” on a proceeding cause than nothing ever exists to bring itself, or God , into existence. Not ever! Forever! Meaning, a “self-existing” first cause, which we call God, is the ONLY philosophical and scientific basis for cosmic existence. Otherwise none of us would exist, and we wouldn't be having this conversation – like it or not, understand it or not, accept it or not.


"I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked as the greatest deceit on the history of science. When this happens many people will pose the question: How did this ever happen?"- Soren Lovtrup, author, Darwinism: Refutation of a Myth

There are mountains of books, magazine articles and other material supposedly proving evolution to be true. None of which represents any experimental of observational science for evolution - none. What is presented is entirely subjectively opinion based ideological inferences. All of which are founded on the atheistic ideology - hard-core philosophical naturalism and raw materialism. That’s it, nothing more! In fact, the most repeated experiment and observation on planet earth affirms that every form of life in existence has "reproductive boundaries" and "crossbreeding limits", without exception - as every breeder and horticulturist who has ever lived knows: Making the "supposed" evolutionary continuum from earth to Einstein impossible. Natural Selection has no "overall perspective" and no "predictive" power: And thus wouldn't have the foggiest notion of where anything and everything is evolving to, or even why. Making it "impossible" to ever account for the profound fully integrated and interconnected matrix of life and environmental systems that surround us. Evolution is not a scientific theory, but an unverifiable hypothetical "historical" theory. Based on what “supposedly” happened in the unobserved distant past. In reality there is no possible way of ever scientifically verifying that events happened one way, and not another way, or even whether evolution from goo to you via the zoo happened at all. In short, the whole notion of evolution is a sham. A global fairy story for adults perpetuated by atheistic leftist sociopolitical movements and activists intent on imposing a godless worldview and lifestyle without God and spirituality on humanity.
Thus ensuring that the atheistic Socialist-Humanist worldview has sole and exclusive status in science and education to the exclusion of all else, particularly theism.


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