John Heininger is Chairman of AEAS (Australian Evangelical Apologetics Society) and the NATIONAL EDUCATION COALITION (NEC), These organizations run a range of teaching programs and courses dealing with Worldview and Christian Apologetics. The National Christian Apologetics & Worldview Conferences and workshops are part of AEAS's ongoing program to inform and train Christians to objectively present and defend the Christian faith.

John is a Graduate of the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago USA. Where he majored in Mass Communications methods, involving Writing, Radio, Television and Film Production. He did further Graduate M.A. Studies in the U.S. at the Simon Greenleaf School of Law, Los Angeles, California: Were he studied Criminal Law and Christian Apologetics under foremost Scholar, Lawyer and Christian Apologist , Dr John Warwick Montgomery. Where he received an award for outstanding scholarship. John did further studies in International Law at the UN endorsed International Institute of Human Rights, University of Strazbourg, France: John now serves as Chairman of AEAS ( Australian Evangelical Apologetics Society) and the National Education Coalition (NEC). He has also served as President of the Religious Freedom Institute Inc. And Secretary/Vice President of the National Alliance of Christian Leaders Inc.

Over the years John has lectured on Christian Apologetics & Worldview in Australia and abroad. And been a guest speaker at major universities, leading churches, seminars, conferences, and colleges. He was a co-author with Dr Steve Kumar of the second reprint of Christianity For Skeptics, with contributes articles to a range of publications, including Creation magazine. AEAS has facilitated keynote public debates between leading Atheists, Skeptics and Christian academics. And between leading Creationists and Evolutionary scientists.

John's former career was in Industrial Systems Design and Information Technology.Where he first developed a passionate interest in science and the creation vs evolution debate. His early training at the Australian Film School, and subsequent overseas studies in mass media communications has resulted in John having an active interest and commercial involvement in 3D animation and Multimedia productions for leading business corporations and the tourist industry on Australia's Gold Coast, where he now lives.


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