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Why Jesus Christ – The Facts.

This single Jew has influenced history more than all the Jews combined. More than any other figure who has ever lived, sufficient to change the basis of the world’s calendar.

The historical evidence for the existence and life of Jesus Christ far exceeds that of any other person of antiquity, including Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great, Plato, Socrates, and all the others.

Thus, if someone is to reject Jesus Christ on historical grounds, they are forced to similarly reject every other historical figure of antiquity on historical grounds.

In these historical records Christ claimed to be God incarnate, and demonstrated the attributes and capabilities of deity to established his claims, including the resurrection of the dead, and his own resurrection. Christianity is the only world religion that is founded on the resurrection of its founder.

Not only did all the early followers of Christ die as martyrs on the basis of their witnessing the truth of the resurrection, but even the evidence regarding hostile opponents and enemies of the early Christians support this reality.

Christ claimed not to be “a” God, but the “only God”. The God of Creation, as revealed in the Biblical revelations treasured by the Jews and the other eleven tribes, who were the descendents Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to whom God communicated.

Christ claimed not to be “a way”, but “The Way, the Truth, and the Life”. The only redemptive answer to the fallen world, and human salvation.

Thus, to be outside of Christ is to be totally without God, and utterly without hope.

To be in Christ was to posses all that God has ever promised in His revelations to humanity. Namely, the resurrection from the dead and eternal life in an environment that no one could have ever imagined, in the God’s presence. This is the “Good News” of the Gospel.

We all get to choose where we will be!

John Heininger