The Evolutionary Wonderland: Where the impossible happens all the time, and always in reverse. It's an amazing Wonderland where the "effect" is not only far Greater than the "cause" but actually opposite to the cause. Now read on:

"I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked as the greatest deceit on the history of science. When this happens many people will pose the question: How did this ever happen?:"- Evolutionist, Soren Lovtrup, author, Darwinism: Refutation of a Myth
"In fact. evolution has become in a sense ascientific religion: almost all scientists have accepted it, and many are prepared to 'bend' their observations tofit with it" - H.S. Lipson. A Physicists Looks at Evolution,Physics Bulletin, Vol. 31 May 1980


The Evolutionary Wonderland: Naturalistic evolution is based on godless philosophical naturalism, raw materialism and atheism. It amounts to nothing more than mindless matter in motion. Darwinism fails on every principle used to evaluate any belief system, secular or sacred. Naturalistic evolution is logically absurd; philosophically inconsistent; scientifically unsustainable; historically unverifiable, and existentially unlivable.

Evolution is logically and philosophically absurd: Just like the latest film Alice in Wonderland, the evolutionary Wonderland is one where the impossible happens all the time, and always in reverse. It’s a bazaar Wonderland where any and every "effect" is not only far greater than the cause, but actually "opposite" to the cause. Chaos turnes itself into order; complex information comes from no information, lifeless matter transforms itself into a living Einstein; mud turns itself in complex mind; conscience comes from non-conscience; reason from non-reason; intelligence from non-intelligence; moral from the amoral, and meaning comes from no meaning. In summary, goo transforms itsef into you, via the zoo. The Darwinian Wonderland is a place where natural miracles occur without a divine miracle worker, which we would all have to concede is "really" miraculous.

Scientifically and historically unverified: No one in all of history has ever seen one life form evolve into a different lifeform. Every breeder that has ever lived knows there are boundaries beyond which the various life forms cannot reproduce, this is true not only of species, but also of sub species and hybrids. No one in all recorded history has ever see one lifeform transform itself into a different lifeform.. Science has shown that all variations and adaptations work to preserve the lifeform, rather than change it into a different lifeform. In short - virus in virus out; bacteria in bacteria out; fruit fly in, fruit fly out; herring gull in, herring gull out; finch in, finch out; frog in, frog out; human in, human out. The reality is that every scientific observation ever made shows that while there are wide variations and broad selective adaptations with a particular any particular lifeform, be it dogs or orchids, there are definite limits, and every breeder knows what these limits are. Indeed, where it possible for these extremes to reproduce there would be a solid case for the evolutionary continuum, from goo to you.

The bottom line is that all historical science is based on unobserved past events that cannot be repeated, and as such, the entire evolutionary hypothesis is ultimately founded on subjective godless presuppositions, explanations, conjecture, inferences, and sheer speculation. In fact, there exists not a single piece of evidence, or any combined pieces of evidence, that fully establishes evolution as an indisputable fact allowing no alternative explanation, particularly God. Simply send this question to any hard core Darwinian and you can predict their response.

Dear Sir, "I was wondering whether you could provide me with a single piece of publicly verifiable empirical scientific evidence that conclusively establishes the evolutionary continuum as an indisputable fact leaving no alternative interpretation."

Your will be told there is no single piece of empirical evidence, but lots of pieces of 'evidence' (data) that are best "explained" by evolution. What this means in real terms is that the entire theory of evolution is not based on testable, verifiable, repeatable or publicly observable empirical science, as confirmed by the Empirical and Scientific Method, but on SUBJECTIVE "explanations" regarding what supposedly happened in the unobserved past, when no one was around to comfirm how it actually happened that way, and no other way, or even whether it happened at all.

This reality establishes that there is a vast gulf between empirical based science and all historically based theory, in particular the theory of evolution. Empirical based science can be publicly verified to the point where everyone is forced to accept its conclusions in spite of their religious or philosophical beliefs, and can be largely demonstrated by a single piece of evidence. Anyone can quickly demonstrate the reality of the theory of gravity simply by jumping up and down. The same applies to Newton's laws of motion, electrical theory or even quantum theory. Likewise, Einstein's theory of relativity was confirmed by direct observation.

In stark contrast, all historical based theories are solely based on SUBJECTIVE explanations, interpretations, conjecture, inference, and sheer speculation. With all "explanations" relating to observed data being confined to the unverifiable and unsustainable presuppositions and beliefs of philosophical naturalism and raw materialism. Because all historical based theory is fully reliant on unobserved past events that cannot be repeated there will never be a point when these "explanation" based theories can ever be comfirmed or fully established, in spite of repeated claims by hard core evolutionists to the contrary. It's areality every evolutionist must ultimately accept.

Existentially unlivable and inconsistent: Evolution is a brutal mindless, unfeeling, pitiless, biological mechanism that functions on random-chance mutations and blind, mindless, ruthless natural selection. No society could operate or long endure on this premise. In spite of all the verbal semantics and mental gymnastics engaged in by leading evolutionists, naturalistic evolution has no answer as to how and why altruism, conscience, caring, pity, meaning, purpose, or sacrificial love came about. As repeatedly mentioned, it has absolutely no overall perspective of where everything is evolving to, or even why. A pitiless uncaring universe combined with a pitiless uncaring evolutionary mechanism could never be the source of altruism and the human conscience. No surprise here, for as already seen, the entire theory of evolution is founded on a multitude of unresolved problems, including the origin of life; the origin of DNA double helix; and the origin of mind and consciousness. Evolution has no answer as to where ethics, morals and values came from. Nor can it explain why humanity perceives certain thing to be good, and other things to be evil. Why do we view suffering and evil as abnormal and unacceptable, and why is there a widespread desire to change or eradicate these conditions, and the eternal search for the elusive utopia? There is no answer to this outside the Bible. The Bible tells us that our world is in an "abnormal and fallen state" because of human sin. And the whole message of the Bible and the Gospel is that God is even now acting towards the full restoration of our fallen dying world. Evolution seeks to explain everything in godless naturalistic terms, but in the end explains absolutely nothing.


Evolution is dumb and blind. There would be no way that a localized evolution mechanism could know there was even such a thing as light in the broader environment in order to evolve special light sensitive sensors to pick this light up. And the evolution of light sensitive cells would necessitate a pre-existing brain to connect to. The same applies to sound, taste, smell and all else. All of which calls for a broad perspective that is well beyond a localized evolutionary mechanism, that has no idea of where everything is evolving to, or even why.

Dawkins Delusions: Our the years I have been an avid monitor of anti-Christian, anti-Creationist internet sites, publications and books of the formost atheists, skeptics and hard core evolutionists, a normal activity in the lifestyle of any Christian Apologist. This included reading the books of Richard Dawkings, among which was The Blind Watchmaker, The Selfish Gene, Climbing Mount Improbable, and his latest work,The Greatest Show on Earth, which he sees as his Opus dae, the ultimate assembly of evidence proving evolution to be an indisputable fact, supposedly. Over the years I have .noted two personality traits in Richard. Just like his hero, Charles Darwin, Richard is a great story teller; and just like Charles Darwin, he is prome to exegerate and embellish the evidence, well beyond the facts. Richard could well be called "Mr Explanations", or Mr "explanations equals science." If Richard can come up with an "explaination" than that proves it, end of story. A few imaginative inventions on the way, such as the "meme", fills in for the missing pieces.

In his book, The Greatest Hoax on Earth ( , best seller creationist scientist, Dr Jonathan Sarfati, exposes the evolutionary myths presented by Richard Dawkins in The Greatest Show On Earth, Sarfati refutes Dawkin's evidence point by point, showing why the Darwinian hypothesis is unsustainable. A growing number of scientists, creationists and otherwise, are becoming increasingly skeptical, even to the point of equating it with myth. As best stated by evolutionist Soren Lovtrup in Darwinism: Refutation Of A Myth, "I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked as the greatest deceit in the history of science. When this happens many people will pose the question: How did this ever happen."

Evolution has a perspective Crisis: As already seen, the natural world has been described as a grand symphony where everything fits together to produce an overall finely tuned living environment. Such a beautiful creative symphony would be impossible for a mindless blind evolutionary mechanism, which functions on mindless "localized" random chance mutations and mindless blind natural selection.

A localized process, involving individual lifeforms competing locally, has no overall broader perspective. This mindless evolutionary mechanism has absolutely no way of knowing what's out there in the broader environment, and absolutely no way of knowing what anything and everything is evolving to, or even why. There is no way a localized blind mechanism could gain an overall perspective to evolve everything to fit neatly together in such a profound inter-dependent and co-dependent way: Trees to produce oxygen and lungs to pick the oxygen up. The unique structure of the water molecule and the water cycle system both allows and sustains life; Life is co-dependent and inter-dependent. Bees are needed to pollinate flowers. And specific insects are used to polinate orchids. And the evolution of complementary reproductive "pairs", male and female, in species would necessitate far more perspective than evolution could ever deliver. To explain this in evolutionary terms is equivalent to suggesting that the vastly complex CERN Particle Accelerator complex was designed and constructed by a bunch of chimps in white coats.

Anyone with any awareness of the vast complexity of the natural world, that surround us on every side and at every level, and co-dependent and inter-dependent relationship between lifeforms, cannot help but become a creationist after reading books like Richard Dawkins' The Greatest Show on Earth. In fact, when I read his descriptions of the remarkable relationships among living creatures, I wondered how anyone could write about such realities and not see the hand of a creator. The greatest show on earth would necessitate an even greater conductor - one having all the attributes of deity.

It is believing the unbelievable, and thinking the unthinkable, to believe that mindless chance mutations and blind natural selection could put this amazing show together, particularly when natural selection hasn't the foggies notion of what happening in the overall show. (When Dawkins finally confronts the good Lord, and insists that there wasn't enough evidence for His existence, I can imagine the conversation. I can imagine the good Lord handing Dawkins a copy of The Greatest Show on Earth, with the suggestion that he open his eyes, and not be "blinded" by his atheistic presuppositions. Indeed, one would have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see the fingerprint of a creator in the wonders of nature. The vast majority of people on planet earth instinctively know this and remain theists, none-the-less, allowing Dawkins his brief moment in the sun.

Millers Myths: One of the leading witnesses for the the widely reported court case against Intelligent Design in Dover , was Kenneth Miller, a professing Christian. Miller is the author of Only A Theory, and seemingly regards himself as one of the defenders of Darwinism. Representing Miller and the anti-ID proponents at Dover was the communist spawned American Civi Liberties Union, with the full tactical support of the Humainst spawned National Centre for Science Education, the self appointed guardian of science education, with the designated role of ensuring that evolutionary theory was enshrined in science education, as the sole and exclusive explanation of origins. It is significent that Humanist organisations enjoy tax exempt RELIGIOUS status, and have the openly stated of purpose of supplanting and eradicating Christianity.

During the case Miller used the wire spring of a mouse as a tie pin, to persuade Judge Jones that the individual parts of a mouse trap had a practical use. His purpose was to disprove the concept of irreducable complexity, based on the principle that in order for the mouse trap (or any biological system) to work all the parts had to be present. By using the mouse trap spring as a tie clip Miller sought to show that individual pieces could have a useful role apart from the whole, thus demonstrating that any system could be reduced and still serve a useful purpose. The ploy worked, and Miller won over the Judge, and the day. However, both Miller and the judge failed to discern a fundamental reality. The issue was not about whether the individual pieces of the mouse trap could serve a useful puropse, but primarily about whether natural selection possesed the necessary overall perspective to arrange and assemble the individual parts in a specific way, to serve a specific purpose. One could well use Farrari tyres as a seat to have lunch on, but that is not what Farrari tyres are made for. Nor are mouse trap springs designed to serve as tie clips, and Miller would never normally use one as such. Farrari tyres and mouse trap springs are designed in a specific way, for a specific role, and assembled in specific way, to serve a specific purpose. This not only callsfor an overall perspective of what component parts are available, but also calls for the intelligence to know how and where to assemble the respective componenrs in aspecific way, to serve designated role in the overall system in order to serve a specific purpose. Natural selection is utterly blind and mindless, having no overall perspective of its environment, and no way of ever knowing how to assemble specific parts in aspecific way, for a specific purpose. As such, evolutionary theory is based on a myth, having no way of ever knowing what anything and everything is evolving into, or even why. In short, evolution has no adequate or empirical basis.

7. Humanity’s religious instinct and conscience: If there is no God , why would we have it? All recorded history testifies that humanity has a religious instinct. Evolution has no answer to this. There is no viable answer as to why the evolutionary process would preserve the spiritual and religious instinct within human genetics when natural selection only preserves the useful mutations. Why would natural selection originate or preserve the need for the vast majority of humanity to believe in God or supernatural phenomena that supposedly don't exist, particularly when the theory of evolution is based on only preserving that which is useful in the naturalistic struggle to survive.

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