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"It was excellent! A course everyone should attend to understand the uniqueness of Christianity." - Trish Orton, Canberra

"I was surprised to find there were real answers to many of my questions.""-Danny Chang, New Zealand

"Coming from a Buddhist background I now know why Christianity is the only viable option." - Bryan Hsn, University student, Taiwan

"This information is an absolute must for anyone wanting to make sense of our world." - Michael McLennan, Vanuatu

“It widened my knowledge of what’s going on out there in the unbelieving world. It made me realise the massive effects Darwin’s theory of evolution has in so many areas that I never imagined.” - Luke Windle

“It was great. I understand a lot of the subject now. I am beginning to grasp it all. It strengthened me a lot and helped me to defend my faith in Jesus to others.” – Maree Briffa.

“Great course, Great information. So helpful for me as I have been a Christian since 5 years of age, and now have a better idea of communicating with non Christians. I can now defend the Christian faith without using the Bible and help fill the potholes on the way to someone’s salvation.” – Pastor Robert Suttle.

“I loved this course. And I have learnt so much. I am more equipped to bring people to the Lord. Thanks.” – Margaret Joyce

“Awesome! Every Christian should learn these facts, especially those with a questioning mind. It takes away the fear of not being able to defend the truth of Christianity in an objective way. I used to feel personally attacked when people queried my faith, I could only answer theologically, which doesn’t always relate because it comes from a presuppositional stance. Knowing the facts are there in our favor is so exciting.” - Carla McMartin.

“It’s definitely given me a new dimension to my knowledge of Christianity. Great to learn to use reasoning to propagate the Gospel like Paul urged us to do. The demolition of the theory of evolution – irreducible complexity – as shown in the movie “Unlocking The Mystery of Life.” – David Van der Vooren.

“Amazing! The best subject I have ever done. It was wonderful to see how Christianity is on solid ground and so far ahead of any other worldview. Knowing what I now know from this course has made me feel so blessed to be a Christian and know the truth.” – Ben Padget.

“It was fantastic! A lot to take in but it has impacted my way of thinking due to my faith. I never knew there was so much proof for Christianity. Evolutionists Beware!!! Coming out of a public school, the Christian faith was taught as just another religion, evolution was the truth. It’s so wonderful that there is so much proof for Christianity, evolution is a lie.” – Sarah Stewart

“Now I can stand even stronger as a witness for Christ with confidence in an objective world. In times of spiritual warfare my armor has been strengthened, and the point of my sword sharpened by this fantastic course. If every Christian had this knowledge our army would truly reach out to touch the world.” – Shannon Keeley.

“Very good course. Yes, it has helped to strengthen my faith and made me want to learn more.” – Claire McNamee

"Interesting - Excellent coverage of differences in various religions." - Peter Nielsen, Kingscliff

"I thought your presentation marvellous. The words and knowledge just flowed." - Joyce Wilson, Tweed Heads.

"Facinating! It's made me realise how much I don't know. It makes you realise how baseless other religions and beliefs are - how blinded & deceived people can be." - Leah Guidera, Tweed Heads

"Opened my eyes to what is going on, and I will be able to talk to non-Christians." - Gary Wilson.

"A lot of information in a short space of time. Very detailed." - Wayne Yeo, Currumbin


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