No other work of antiquity is so well supported by archaelogy than the Bblical manuscripts. As pointed out by Sir William Albright of the British Museum of Natural History, no archeological discovery has ever contravened a Biblical passage. On the contrary, they have repeatedly confirmed the historical integrity and reliability of the Biblical manuscripts. Here is a small sample of the vast reservior of supporting archealogical discoveries and relics available.

Tomb similar to that Christ was buried in.
Altar to the unknown God Paul refers to in Acts.
Mentioned in the Gospeld.
Dead Sea Scrolls - The Isaiah Scroll - Confirming accuracy of text transmission
Assyrian invasion related
Seal of the Biblical Jezebel
Biblical related
House of David inscription
The Biblical Jezebel related
Epic of Gilgameh related
Cylinder affirming the Biblical Cyrus
Code of Hammurabi