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Why God Exists

Why God is the only answer

Why Special Creation is Real

Discover why God ia a philosophical and scienfific necessity. And why everything in existence testifies to the reality of God, at every level of the natiral world.

Discover why natural processes and godless causes could never bring anything into existence. And why a Self-existing first cause (God) is the only answer. ,

Discover why limited "finite" human beings can never know what life and existence is all about. Why Special Creation by God, and the Biblical divine Revelation from God, is the only answer.


Why Jews hold the key

WHY the Bible is unique
Why Christ is the only option

Discover why the Jewish people passionately recorded the unique circumstances and events surrounding their 3500 year history, and why these profound events have captureed the imagination and attemtion of the world's foremost scholars, philosophers, intellectuals, scientists and theologians to change human destiny.

Discover why the Biblical manuscripts relating to the ongoing history and heritage of the Jewish history have no parallel in human history: Why these remarkable manuscripts have been so passionately and digently and recorded over time by appointed scribes and caretakers. And why they been vigourously and sacrifically protected for over 3500 years to this very day as God's interaction and divine revelation. Discover why this single Jew has had an impact on individuals and human history more than all the Jewish people combined, and beyond any human being and nation that has ever existed. Discover why Jesus Christ represents humanities most certain hope of life beyond the grave. The designated "way, truth, and life" to God and redemptive eternity!
The Miracles of Science: God The foundation
Why Christianity makes sense
How we know the mind of God
Discover how mainstrem science went mad-Without God.And why science operates on miracles; Why God is a logical, philosophical and scientific necessity. And why all science and reality is grounded in the "necessary" existence and reality of God.: Apart from whom nothing would, or could, exist. . Discover why Christianity makes sense, and why Christianity has proved to be the most successful and enduring foundation for personal and national life for over 2000 years. And why Christianity has impacted human human history as nothing else. Understand why Christianity is logically and philosophically consistant: Historically verifiable: Archaeologically vindicated; Existentially livable. Discover why Jewish history and the Biblical manuscripts represent God's interaction with humanity and the world's most authentic divine revelation, and insight into the "mind of God" and His divine purpose: And an ongoing revelation of His involvement with creation and human affairs.
The vicious war on God
Scientism VS Science
WNew Atheism: Same old deception
Discover why godless worldviews and atheistic socio-poliutical global movement such as Humanism, Communism, Socialism and atheistic Secularism are at war with God. And why this war on God has resulted in hardship, poverty, suffering, wholesale death and social and moral chaos, and the widespread disintegration of cultures and nations: Bringing Humanity to the very point of self-destruction in our time.. Discover why Modern science now operates on the unproven "blind faith" metaphysical religious dogma of "philosophical" and Godless materialis. Based on the unverifiable dogmatic belief that godless naturalism and science is the only real source of knowledge and truth. Another name for this unproven "blind faith" religious dogma is SCIENTISM, not science. Discover why the New Atheism is the most deadly and poisonous of all religions. And why the New d Atheist's attackes on theism and Christianity apply in double measure to atheism itself: And why the arguments used by the New Atheists against God and Christianity can reversed to decimate godless naturalism and atheism itself. Discover why the New Atheists are frantically peddling away on bikes with no wheels, planted firmly in "mid air".