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Cosmology: Starlight, Time & The New Physics
Dr John Hartnett, is an Associate Professor of physics at an Australian university. John will reveal how this new cosmological physics not only eliminates the major problems associated with Big Bang cosmology, but further establishes that there is no need for contrived cosmological "fudge factors" such as the existence of the elusive ‘dark’ matter or ‘dark’ energy needed to explain observations in the universe.

Dr Hartnett will speak at two conference sessions titled: COSMIC MYTHOLOGY and THE HEAVENS DECLARE. Which are connected to the STARLIGHT, TIME & THE NEW PHYSICS issue, and the new ground breaking physics and cosmology of Moshe Carmeli, formerly the Albert Einstein Professor of Theoretical Physics, Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva, Israel. The Cosmological Relativity equations of Carmeli, when applied to Einstein's relativity equations, show that “time is relative” to particular cosmological events and conditions. The new physics has special significance for the initial inflationary creation event - the spreading out of the cosmos. The cosmological relativity physics of this initial inflationary phase has a special relevance to young earth creationist who have faithfully held to the literal reading of Genesis. And to all Christians who take the opening verses of Genesis at face value.

As stated by Alex Williams, former consultant to the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, “The idea that God created the universe in six days just a few thousand years ago is now not only intellectually respectable, it’s a far better explanation for what we observe than its competitors.”

Dr John Hartnett


As our Lord Jesus commanded, his believers have preached the gospel. Mission is still being regarded as one of the most significant elements in our Christian world. According to a report, there are 2.9 billion out of 7.13 billion, who never heard about the gospel. There are 40.7% of the unreached people. As believers of the Christ, we are to share the message of God with non-believers. Many Christians are in the process of doing God's commission in this 21st century. Dr. Cook will present mission how the message of God has been delivered. During the history of mission, believers of the Christ fought against non-believers and Apologetics was regarded as the essential element in preaching the gospel. In this world, many believers might have been asked in what way they are to share the message of God with those, who never heard about Jesus. More significantly, we are to understand how the secular world is shaped and then need to consider what could be one of the best ways in preaching the message of God.


  Christ on Cross
Rev Dr Je Cheol Cook
Don Batten  

Biology: Why Evolution is NOT TRUE!

The prominent atheist and Darwinian champion, Richard Dawkins, was asked whether evolution had ever been observed. Said Dawkins, "Evolution has been observed. It's just that it hasn't been observed while it's happening."

No scientists can ever empirically establish that evolution happened a particular way, and no other way, or even whether it really ever happened at all. States H.S. Lipton, author of A Physicist Looks at Evolution, "In fact, evolution has become in a sense scientific religion: almost all scientists have accepted it, and many are prepared to 'bend' their observations to fit with it" Physics Bulletin, Vol. 31 May 1980. Concludes Soren Lovtrup, author, Darwinism: Refutation of a Myth, “I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked as the greatest deceit on the history of science. When this happens many people will pose the question: How did this ever happen?:" Little wonder that a scientist like Dr Jonathan Sarfati suggests that Darwin's Theory of Evolution is The Greatest Hoax on Earth.
Dr Don Batten

Philosophy: Why the New Atheism Has No Answers

The New Atheism offers nothing. And takes away all that western culture has ever valued. Leading its followers into a barren spiritual and intellectual wilderness where life and existence is stripped bare of all ultimate meaning and purpose. A bleak place with no ultimate philosophical or scientific basis for human ideals such as justice, morality, values, ethics, right, altruism, or sacrificial love. A materialistic world of "particles on motion" that looks to "uncaring" cosmological events and the uncaring ruthless evolutionary struggle as the source of human love and self sacrifice. The atheists pantheistic creator god is a dependent dying universe that cannot even prevent itself from running down to maximum entropy, chaos and heat death. While claiming that their new atheism is based on reason, science and "NON-BELIEF" in God, or gods, they fill their books and web pages expounding their foundational "beliefs" which can never be ultimately substantiated., either philosophically or scientifically. Discover WHY the New Atheism is an irrational and absurd world view. And why there is NO logical, philosophical, scientific, historical, or existential basis to the New Atheism, and why THEISM alone fits the facts.

Dr Steve Kumar

Engaging The Culture: Revelation vs Relativism

Secular humanism is the reigning religion of our times, and is the default position for most of our movers and shakers. This talk will discuss what it is, how it came about, how it differs from biblical Christianity, and how we can protect ourselves from it. Key secular humanists and atheists will be assessed, and the importance of the biblical world view will be explained and illustrated.

Bill Muehlenberg - Culture

Geology: The Dating Assumption Game.

No issue has divided the Christian community, nor decimated the Genesis account of ORIGINS more than the ASSUMPTIONS "Dating Game", as was Charles Lyell's stated intention: Dividing those scientists who give priority to Genesis as plainly stated, from those who give priority to "theological" naturalism, in the naive attempt to integrate Christianity with naturalistic dating ASSUMPTIONS that have no NO VERIFIABLE SCIENTIFIC BASIS. Tasman will show why the dating game is full of abnormalities and contradictions. And why Uniformitarianism is now suffering from an evidential crisis: missing layers; millions of years missing; wrong geological order; Out of sequence layers, 'older' layers after 'younger' layers, and other terminal problems. Along with the rise of geological Catastrophism in mainstream geology. He will fully demonstrate why geological and dating observations plainly affirm the GENESIS account.

Dr Tasman Walker - Geology

Theology: Why Christ Changes Everything!

Jesus Christ has captured the attention and imagination of the world for around 2000 years, sufficient to change the basis of the worlds principle calendar. What is there about Jesus Christ, and the impact of the Jewish people, that distinguishes them from other people and nations. Why have the Jews survived for thousands of years as a people, to endure repeated conquest, and survive long exiles, to ultimately repossess Jerusalem and their ancient homeland, modern Israel. Why have they preserved and transmitted their sacred revelational manuscripts for thousands of years with unparalleled commitment, declaring them to be divinely revealed and inspired, revealing the plans and purpose of God. What is there about Jesus Christ Himself that has persuaded untold billions over countless centuries that His claims to divinity are well founded, And that the Gospel message centered on Christ's death, resurrection and redemptive "Grace" provides humanity with its only hope of redemption, and life beyond the grave.

Ken Legg

Biblical Genealogies: Why They Are Important.

Trevor Holt is a person who leaves no stone unturned. From the moment he encountered Christ, Trevor's passion for research has caused him to delve into diverse and complex areas of investigation. This included the elaborate historical matrix of Biblical genealogies from Adam to Christ. Which is central to scriptural interpretation. Likewise, his passion for science and astronomy led him into an extended study of the status of ice laden comets at the time of Noah and the global flood, long before the recent comet impact in the Soviet Union sparked worldwide interest. Trevor has been invited to present the outcome of his extended research on this topic at a select science conference in the U.S.

Trevor conducts Christian Apologetics and creation training programs and has produced dynamic visual displays and graphic pictorials contrasting the Christian faith with alternative belied systems, secular and sacred. These have proved to be a popular attraction at large shopping centers, and welcomed by management.
Trevor Holt B.Sc

Answering Modern Objections to Theism and Christianity.

We live in a universe of breathtaking magnitude and wonder. A universe with remarkable structure and stunning beauty. Containing fully functioning creatures of every kind. With vastly complex biological life forms conscious of their own existence. All of which fills us all with a sense of awe. It is also a decaying dying universe, running down toward heat death and maximum entropy, or disorder. A world dominated by destructive natural disasters, where pain, suffering and death surrounds us on every side. A world of genetic errors and decay. Where baby's are born deformed, and disease and deadly microbes and creatures thrive and feed off each other. Why would any all powerful loving God create such a universe. How can such a God be equated with with the sacrificial life and selfless love of Jesus Christ. Who claimed not only to be the incarnation of the living God, but the creator and sustainer of all that exist or can exist. Discover why Christianity provides the ONLY answer to all these issues

John Heininger - Director AEAS