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God Exists

To be a part of the wonder and miracle of life and existence is a rare event indeed. Had there been even a single miniscule variation in the innumerable chain of events since the beginning of time we would have never emerged from rhe womb to claim our fragile inheritance.

From the moment that the first rays of light bathe the windows of our mind we progressively become aware that we are part of a cosmic dimension of breathtaking wonder and magnitude. Every observation and discovery we subsequently make will reveals the reality of God's existence: We push an object and it moves, and we quickly discover "cause-effect" relationships. Ultimately discovering that everything of necessity needs a cause. This reality is later equated with everything in the universe, and the universe itself. Another reality we quickly discover is that everything around us wears out, burns out, breaks down and gets old, including grandma: Revealing a universal cosmic trend towards ever increasing disorder, loss of information and loss of usable energy. Which is why the automobile fuel tankalways needed refilling. As the universe and all elses undergoess radiometric and biological decay as it is running towards maximum disorder and heat death: Meaning, neither the universe nor anything in the natural world can sunstain or explain itself. All of which affirm God's existence.


External "Self-Existing" Transcendent First Cause The Only Answer.

God personal Nothing exists within the universe that is “self-existing “ or has creative capabilities. Without exception, everything in existence necessitates a cause beyond itself to explain its existence, including the running down dying dependent universe itself. This reality points to a necessity transcendent first cause beyond the universe. An external first cause that is of necessity "self existing" and eternal. We know this because an infinite regress of preceding causes that are forever "dependent" on something preceding would never have the "self-existing" or self creating capability to begin the whole creative process about. Not ever! Forever! It matters little how many cars come down a production line. All are dependent on a maker. None will ever have the capacity to bring itself into existence. Nor will an endless stream of human beings that arev forever "dependent" on a preceding causes ever have self-existing or self creative capabilities. Not ever! Forever!. This reality means that the "only" logical, philosophical and scientific answer for life and existence is the necessary existence of a " self-existing" eternal first cause. Stated simply, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth". God needs no maker because as a self-existing eternal first cause His existence is an inescaple necessity. Without which nothing could, or would exist.

Godless Alternatives Actively Sough And Proposed By Non -Theists.

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Ceaseless attempts have been made by those fully committed to the hard-core atheism of "philosophical" naturalism and godless materialism to circumvent the fact that nothing exists within the universe or natural worls that is Self-existing, or has self creative capabilities. These "no God needed" advocates are aided and abeted by those hostile to God and the Judaeo-Christian worldview. To this end alternative purely naturalistic godless options have been put forward: Appealing to factors both within and beyond the universe, involving hypothetical physics, other worlds theories, and "mind experiments" based on mathematical constructs. None of which are based on observation or experimentation, or testable or verifiable by the Empirical & Scientific Method.

The first of these is the scientific world's appeal to "quantum fluctuation" in a cosmicquantum vacuum. As a potential source of the universe and all else. . Where it is proposed that v the proposed. . to account for cosmic existence purely by natural processes and causes alone. by life and devise an alternative to the necessary existence of God. Another logical, philosophical and scientific explanation to account for the cosmos and all else.


Space Region Here the atheist runs into a terminal philosophical and scientific dilemma: Because if God also needed a cause we have an “infinite” regress of “dependent” causes: Where every subsequent cause is forever dependent on something proceeding. Thus nothing would ever exist that could bring itself or anything else into existence. Not ever!  Forever!  The only philosophical and scientific answer to this existential crisis is the “necessary” existence of a “self-existing” eternal first cause – in the beginning God